Busy mums and quick healthy food for the family.

IMG_1447Being a busy mum, juggling work, kids, running a home etcetera and finding time to put a healthy meal on the table each evening that is both quick to prepare and cook is a real challenge sometimes!

Then I thought FISH, of course, super healthy and it takes minutes to cook!! My husband and I are always looking to shed a few pounds so that’s a bonus too!

Right ill get organised I thought and I will make a monthly meal planner. I’m going to work on feeding my family 2 fish meals a week. So I went on line and looked for a fish supplier in my area, which is Burnley, who can deliver a months worth of fish to my door?? BINGO! A&O Seafood.co.uk Burnley.

So I went on the website, clicked on FAMILY FISH BOXES, found the fish boxes for a family of 5 (there are 5 0f us in my family, but they have boxes for 4 and also 2) there is a choice of 3 different boxes and I chose box 1 for £100 including delivery! My fish arrived the very next day, all fresh and packaged in ice and polystyrene and even my frozen king prawns and seafood cocktail were still totally frozen!

All my fish was lovely and fresh and gleaming and it was all skinned and pin boned ……. we all hate finding bones in our fish!! All our family have really got into having fish twice a week now and next time i’m going to order one of the other boxes for a family of 5.